Anna has painted and exhibited all her life. Her career began with her first major show in Bermuda of oils painted with palate knife, boats being of great interest.
In watercolours, she has developed her own technique, creating translucent images without washes. Her years of engraving at Putney Art School became a great discipline in her later architectural watercolours and oils around Europe and the Middle East. She is a tour leader for the Ultimate Travel Company and has travelled extensively worldwide, particularly to St Petersburg.
She also teaches at Marlborough Summer School and elsewhere.

1968two man show, Coral Beach Club Bermuda
19691st prize at Benton & Bowles (advertising) art exhibition
19691st prize for oils in the Regent Advertising club.
1970one man show at Benton & Bowles
1976Putney Art School, studying oils, life classes and engraving (etchings) for 5 to 6 Years. Exhibited etchings at Zella Nine, London for 8 years
1978one man show in Corfu
1978 to 1988exhibited in mixed shows in London
1988one man show at Anna-mei Chadwick Gallery, London
1989 to 1996exhibited in joint shows in London Edinburgh (Malcolm Innes gallery) and Tokyo
1996one man show at the Finishing Touch Gallery, London, watercolours
1998one man show at Soan Studio London, watercolours of Petra and the Nile
2000one man show at Bartley Dray Gallery, London, watercolours of St Petersburg and Venice
2002one man show at Bartley Dray Gallery, London, watercolours
2005one man show at the Lennox Gallery, London, oils and watercolours
2008three person show in Malmesbury, Wiltshire
2008/2010painting tutorials in Andalucia, Morocco and Majorca
2013Solo Exhibition in October at Fosse Farmteaching architectural watercolours at Marlborough Summer School
2013/14/16teaching architectural watercolours and animals in action (2016) at Marlborough Summer School.